Herrington Harbour North

Herrington Harbour North has been the marina where we have had all our haulouts done. The yard is enormous and the people and equipment are first rate. I have never had a problem with these guys and their work is always done on time and at a fair and reasonable rate.

They are somehow related to Herrington Harbour South, but for what ever reason they haven't caught the disease that makes South such a bunch of weiners.

This yard is one of the few places where they can haul boats with our beam and more. I think they have room for like 2000 yachts on the hard and I have seen at least 5 different travel lifts running around. They offer all the services you would expect a first rate marina yard to offer and they also have a West Marine on the premises.

These guys are a class act and I wouldn't hesitate to recommed them to anyone.

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