Tip: Pressure Cooker

The single most valuable piece of equipment in our galley arsenal is the pressure cooker. This is not your mama's pressure cooker. This is a precision engineered, ultra safe, mondo easy to use piece of highly engineered equipment.

We have popped popcorn, made bread, steamed rice, fried french fries, deep fried chicken, prepared spaghetti, steamed crabs, roasted chicken, sauteed fish, cooked pot roast and found countless other uses for this device. Not to mention that because it cooks under extreme pressure, it requires less than a third of the time normally needed for conventional cooking which results in lots of saved propane.

We got our unit at the Annapolis boat show in 2003. It wasn't cheap. I seem to remember it going for about $225 US. I also remember feeling dirty after buying it because we got it from one of those late night TV info-mercial loser types you see hawking their wears to the all night insomniacs. Don't tell my mom, she'd be displeased.

Other than the procurement method, the unit has been absolutely amazing. So much so, it was in my gear bag when we went cross country to deliver a sailboat from Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska. I wouldn't live aboard without one.

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