Dive Gear

Well, it was an expensive day. We got up early and were on our way to West Marine in the morning. Picked up a strainer thing for the shower drain, and I found their canvas sneakers on sale for $8. They last about 3 months and I've had mine since June.

We were also looking for dive gear. West Marine people said there was a dive shop nearby. Went there, but they didn't open until noon and it was only like 9:15 AM. So we went back to the waterfront library until noon then walked back up to the dive shop, where we proceeded to blow almost $500 on gear. They only had 2 women's wet suits, neither in my size, but other than that, we are both totally decked out with fins, masks, snorkels, suits, and yes, another pole spear.

We were pretty loaded down, so it was back to the boat then back to the library until happy hour. Conchy Joes for happy hour, of course. Again, enough food that we didn't need to bother with dinner. We did poorly on trivia, though.

At 6:30 PM, West Marine had Steve Pavalidis (he writes cruising guides and the like) giving a talk on Bahamas Cruising. We went to that. Unfortunately, it turned out to be pretty useless. He talked for about 5 minutes about the Bahamas and the rest of the time about the Caribbean. While we intend to hit the Caribbean, we really wanted info about our first destination first. And most of his comments were about routes to take, which are clearly outlined in pretty much any cruising guide. I would have found it more helpful if it was more oriented toward tips or "news." We did get his opinion on the best charts for the area, though, so that was good.

We returned to the boat and read books to the sound of the Conchy Joes band. The wind kicked up overnight but the anchor held.

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