Freezing in S.C. - by Amy

Thomas said that I had to start doing the logs because he wants input on the application he's built. At least it's far enough along now that I probably won't break the program repeatedly. I like to think that my ability to break the computer makes me a good beta tester. I'm not sure Thomas feels the same. [NOTE: Ironically, I just had to call Thomas because I broke it at the end of that sentence. It's a talent, really.]

We left Beaufort, SC, early...all the earlier because daylight savings time stole an entire hour from me. Bastards!

It was a winding motor up the ICW in the freezing cold. Much to Thomas's amusement, I wore two pairs of pants, my heaviest wool sweater, and a hat. We took turns driving and freezing. During his off-time, Thomas listened to the NASCAR race and made pizza. I did miscellaneous work, read books, and ate pizza.

We stopped just short of Charleston. The anchorage here is ok. Not exactly scenic but more protected than the anchorage in Charleston proper. We'll probably wait here for weather to go offshore again. Plenty of boat work to do in the meantime. But Thomas just announced that he feels confident the deck leak that was wetting our bed has been fixed. Yay!!

And with this highlight of the day, another log is finished.

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