Tip: Oil Change Pump

Every cruising sailboat needs an easy way to change the engine oil. If your a diesel boat, your time between changes may be different than our gas engines, but regardless of your service hour interval, eventually your going to have to do the nasty.

Until recently, this has been my least favorite job on the boat. I don't mind working on the engines, but there just wasn't any way to replace the oil and filters without making a huge mess.

Enter the handy dandy West Marine mega oil sucker. This cheesy ass, over priced, fisher price-esque tool has made oil changes a much, much simpler task. When we get home and refit, I will be replacing this sub quality tool with something that instills a little more confidence in it's use, but for $30 it has worked well.

Our model is manually powered by stroking the pump handle, but I have seen electric versions as well and I may now be suffering from pump envy.

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