Mega Heat

Last night, we had an attack of the nefarious no-see-ums. The wind dropped off to nothing and suddenly I was not only hot but swore that I was being stung, albeit mildly, all over my arms and legs. My darling husband watched me writhe and told me it was all in my head.

Then he got up about 2:30 AM (because he doesn't sleep like a normal human) and found hundreds of tiny bugs in the salon. So much for me being crazy. I still couldn't see the little nasties without my contacts in, but Thomas waged a courageous battle against the infiltrators. We then barricaded ourselves in our stateroom, where we were protected by no-see-um screen, and made it through the night.

The ferrets, being impervious to no-see-ums, awoke eagerly at first light. I did not. Thomas oversaw their morning round of destruction until I was able to face the day. There was much book-reading and near-napping on both our parts all morning.

By noon, the temperature soared above ninety, much too high for our fuzzy friends, who had suddenly grown winter coats a few weeks ago (perhaps due to Thomas's frigid setting on the Buddy Fred's air conditioning?). The two fuzzballs suffered the indignity of being dunked in the sink once an hour to keep their body temperatures down. They were angry but cooler. Fortunately, we've noticed them shedding, so hopefully their fur will return to summer levels in the next few days.

Once the heat of the day was achieved, Thomas and I joined Steve and Sally snorkeling off the rock jetty. Despite the poor visibility, we observed various fish--Atlantic spade, yellowtail snapper, spots, etc. None big enough to eat, so we will not be returning with spears. S and S report having caught numerous croaker and kingfish with good old-fashioned casting rods earlier in the morning, so we may give that a try tomorrow.

The day ended with very welcome cold showers for us humans, sundowners with S and S, and a dinner of steak on the grill and salad, strategically selected because neither required us to turn on the oven or stove inside.

The next couple days are forecast to be even hotter, making us consider a run to a marina where we can run our air conditioners--for the ferret's sake of course

We hate the heat!

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