And on Saturday, They Created the Redneck

Another brutally hot day here. We hid inside, each of us parked under our own designated fan and read books for most of the day. I did try my hand at some fishing earlier this morning but I only caught one small spot and one little shark.

The fish are chanting : No eating here tonight. No eating here tonight!

The ferrets passed the day taking alternating turns in the ferret wading pool. They have given up complaining about it and now just suffer through with quiet indignity.

It being Saturday, all manner of North Carolina red neck has descended on the Bight. You know their rednecks when their boat is painted camouflage and it flies the confederate flag.

All told their was easily 100 little run abouts ferrying people back and forth through out the day. The only real problem I have with them is that for whatever reason (small penises) they seem to think they have to show how cool they are by driving past our catamaran at 35,000 miles per hour.

Yeah, real cool. Ass.

Later in the afternoon we braved sun exposure and went over to Steve and Sally on Dimsan for cocktails. Afterwards it was back to the mother ship for a large dinner salad and then bed.

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