Flavours of Pin Mold

From the ferrets: The weather was still in the mid 90's with a heat index of 105 according to the local weather station. North Carolina sucks balls.

Ok, now that the weather is out of the way, it was another day spent hiding from the sun. I did this inside in the salon while reading books, Amy chose to do this hiding under the boat in the water. I think she was cooler, but I got more reading done.

I have now finished 9 books in the last 6 days. Lest you think we do nothing all day long I can assure you gentle reader that today I waged war on the most evil of boat bound enemies, the ever elusive pin mold. I spent a good 3 hours this morning tracking down and slaying pin mold colonies of all flavours.

Oh yes, they come in flavours.

Suffice it to say, that in the end I was victorious and the boat is now once again free from single cell organisms. For the record Milo cowered behind me the whole time with his gas mask on (It was chemical warfare), while Mila ate and then sneezed out stragglers of the mass mold retreat. She is a loyal ferret.

The weather man swears tomorrow will be cooler. If not he is not only a dick, but a dead man.

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