Barbecue Stained Weasels

Mom and Dad got to experience the local Bahamian night life first hand yesterday. In spite of this, it sounds like they had a good time. They were both impressed with how good music made with a band saw, an empty water jug and assorted farm implements can be.

It also sounds like Mom got to experience what it's like to be a white woman out at night with the locals as well. Even when you tell the would be suitors your here with your husband, you still get more attention than you want. Suffice it to say Mom returned safely and Dad didn't have to kill anyone.

This morning they took the ferry back over to Stocking Island where we met them on the beach. Dad and I climbed up to the Monument while Amy and Mom sat on beach chairs under the palm trees. See supporting pictures at right.

Afterwards, we sailed down to the Chat and Chill for lunch under the trees. Mom got to watch the Conch Dude clean the nasty looking beasties before she ate and order of Conch Salad. In retrospect, it probably would have been better to eat it before seeing what it looks like in nature, but hind sight is twenty twenty right?

Mom and Dad hung out talking with people on the benches while Amy and I played some volley ball. Later in the afternoon, I dinghied Mom and Dad across the near flat calm harbour and deposited them at the Peace and Plenty. They have dinner reservations here tonight at 8 pm. and Amy and I will be asleep by then.

Back on board, I made barbecued spare ribs that Amy, Milo and I split. Mila doesn't like spare ribs, so she had barbecued bananas instead.

As a side tip to ferret owners, it is virtually impossible to remove barbecue stains from bleach white ferrets, but it's easy to hide on all black ones.

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