Scooter Carnage - Island Style

We met the parental units at 8:45 and then proceeded en mass to the rental scooter pickup location. Scooter dude was 20 minutes late, but he made up for it by letting us keep the scooters until 6 pm instead of the usual 4:45 deadline.

We picked four scooters from the pile of eight or nine that looked road worthy and after filling them up with gas and explaining the operation to the girls we were off. In a surprising display of coordination and agility, both Mom and Amy had no trouble riding their own bikes!

We zoomed out of town with me leading the pack, followed by Amy, then Mom, with Dad riding shotgun over the herd. We were doing pretty well until I signaled for a stop at the Napa store so I could pick up a part.

Well, the lead machine had no trouble, but our number two and three riders just kind of blew by the parking lot. Hmm. In a cross between Fred Flinstone and a carrier arrest landing, our two wayward riders managed to slow down enough to turn back and join the rest of us at Napa. No harm, no foul.

The rest of the day was spent zipping along the island, visiting the various spots. See supporting evidence side right.

Near the end of the day, we came upon a 4000 foot, paved, abandoned air strip. Dad and I lined our bikes up and raced from one end to the other. Near 85 kilometers an hour, my dash board lights started flashing and my bike started sounding like a weed eater having a bad day. Needless to say, I lost the race, but I did feel just like Tom Cruise in that Top Gun movie where he was racing along side the jet on his motorcycle. (Editors Note - Only better looking! )

Worn out, but un-damaged from all the riding, we returned our scooters to their designated parking area and the parental units to their hotel before heading back across the harbour to our boat. Tomorrow we put Mom and Dad on the plane for home.

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