Arrival at the Buddy Fred's

We're home! Hooray!

We motored the final 25 miles to Steve and Sally's arriving in the early afternoon. We spent the remainder of the day getting the boat put to bed.

We did get a chance to hang out with Steve and Sally for a little bit and they are doing well. Tomorrow we are having a welcome home happy hour, so we'll get to see the rest of the neighbors.

Don and Sandy are anchored near by and they will be hanging out with us for a few days before they continue northward towards the Norfolk, Virginia area. Another boat we met in the Bahamas named Zing is also anchored near by.

The first named storm of the year is slowly moving our way, so I guess our timing in getting back was pretty good. Now that we are here, we will probably stop doing daily logs, but I will put up a summary log in a few days and we'll probably do a general update once a month or so until we figure out what we are doing next.

We are both on the fence about maybe taking a year off of cruising and doing some traveling on our motorcycles, but as of yet neither one of us are committed to the idea. Who knows?

Ok, so that about wraps it up. Thanks for reading along and we'll be back after these important messages from our local sponsors.....

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