Tip: Clothes Pins

While it might seem obvious to some, it didn't to us. Only after we were well into our first year of cruising did it become apparent how invaluable clothes pins are. And not just any pins, but good all plastic, no wood, no metal kind of pins.

We started out with the wooden variety you probably have at home. They lasted almost 1 month before the wood rotted and the metal springs rusted in two. We then moved up to a plastic pin base with a reinforced stainless steel spring. These lasted 2 months before the steel spring rusted out again. Finally, we went to Target (pronounced Tar-zay) and bought all plastic pins.

To date they have held up for almost two years. The only problem we have with them is I keep loosing them over board and as much as I would like to blame the manufacturer for this, the blame probably lies with me.

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