Garden Shed Matanzas

We dinghied into the marina this morning to do laundry and to avail ourselves of the shower facilities. After two days offshore nothing beats an unlimited hot water shower.

Chores done, we returned to the boat. It was only 11 am, so we decided to up anchor and move the boat 3 or 4 hours further south in an effort to shorten the trip tomorrow. We broke down the dinghy got the motors running, but I couldn't get the anchor up.

I fought and fought, but to no avail. Eventually with Amy, Milo and I pulling, we were able to get the anchor off the bottom of the sea floor, but not out of the water. We motored up to the fuel dock to take a look. The nice guys at the Municipal Marina helped me haul the anchor onto the dock. Turns out we hooked a 60 year old rear differential out of some big ass farm truck.

Fifteen minutes later we were back under way with the anchor safely stowed. The dock guys said there is so much junk in the harbour here that there is a plan underway to sonar map the entire area and then have a crew with a barge retrieve all of the junk. That will be sweet if it ever happens.

With an hour or two later start then we expected, we settled on going down to Fort Matanzas and anchoring in the mouth of the river there. To call it a fort might be a little bit of a stretch. I think it's more like Garden Shed Matanzas or something.

Anyway, we got the anchor down without problems. I made chicken finger, bacon, tomato, cheese, and lettuce wraps for lunch/dinner and the crew retired for the evening around 7 pm in an effort to catch up on sleep.

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