Another Day in the Sun

The ferrets rousted me from bed at 5 am in desperate need of dried blue berries. I guess sometimes a ferret just needs it's berries.

Amy got up and made us breakfast grilled cheesies before we left the boat and picked up Brian to head across the harbour for volleyball. We had 10 players and so we played 4 on 4 with 2 men sitting out at a time. The games were pretty good and we ended up playing until 12 pm.

The crowd broke up and Amy, Brian and I went in to the Chat and Chill and had a beer or two and just hung out. We returned Brian to his boat and then we did two water runs in to town to resupply our on board fresh water reserves.

Amy picked up a few sodas and a bottle of rum from the market and then we moved the big boat over to Hamburger Beach and our normal anchoring area. The hook was down by 3 pm and after putting the boat to bed, Amy decided to take an afternoon nap and I went swimming.

Afterwards, I showered off on the back deck and then watched a movie until Amy woke up. Around 6 pm I lit the grill and cooked barbecued ribs and french fries on the grill. We watched the sun go down over a 7 and 7 and a gin and tonic and by 8:30 pm the crew retired for the evening.

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