Tip: Fishing Lures

If your coming this way and you plan to troll a fishing line, what ever style lure you are using, make sure you have some sort of steel leader. Lot's of people I know seem to use heavy mono filament on the lure itself, but we replaced all of the mono stuff with 60 pound plastic encased stainless steel.

The stuff is cheap and readily available in any decent fishing store in the states. I'm sure you can get away with the mono filament for a while, but most of the fish we have caught trolling are extremely aggressive and very, very toothy.

Barracuda are probably the worst, but Mahi, Wahoo and all of the Snappers have great sets of sharp teeth just waiting to bite through the lure line. Since we have switched away from mono filament leaders, we have only lost 1 lure and that happened when it got snagged on the bottom and we were doing 8 knots.

To install the steel line, you'll need some little compression sleeves and some pliers to smash them with. The line is readily cut with standard diagonal cutters and in general you will use 2 compression sleeves per lure. After having done the first three or four, I am now able to switch to stainless line on a given lure in about 5 minutes.

As far as brand goes, I have tried lots and lots and we have consistantly have good luck with the Williamson lures, in partcular, their skirted Ballyhoo Live series. We usually cross over with at leat ten of these guys rigged and ready to go.

Keep in mind regardless of what type of lures you use , always fresh water rinse the lure and leader at the end of the day. Just a little splash of water goes a long way towards keeping the hooks and line rust free. Goodluck.

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