Jesus Spikes

Hello and welcome to August. I guess technically it's not August until tomorrow, but by the time I get this log put up on the website it will probably be, so again, welcome to August.

As many of you will have noticed I have put the new website up and online. We've gotten a lot of feedback from our loyal readers and I really appreciate it. If you notice any bugs or just want to make comments, please feel free to go to the Contact section and leave us a note under Comments.

Work continues on the boat front. I am about half way done the interior salon cushions. It's taking quite a long time but the cushions are turning out very well. I had thought about leaving off the fancy tiered cushion thing because it's adding a lot of work, but it really makes the cushions look more professional.

Hopefully this log is accompanied by photos of said cushions, side right. Also visible in the pictures should be my sewing helper Milo. Once I get done a seam, Milo climbs into it and jumps up and down. If the seam doesn't split then we are safe to stamp it "Milo Certified" and move on. If it fails, well then we have to do it again. I wonder if that's how Fruit of the Loom does it?

In other news, I got an email from a couple of cruising friends who told me that Don on Sea Kitten has passed away. For those of you who've been to Georgetown before, Don was the voice of the morning weather report on the cruisers net. He had been going to Georgetown for like a million years and he'll be missed. Don was 79.

The weather here in Florida hasn't gotten any better. It still rains everyday and is mega hot and humid the rest of the time. Amy and I have taken up playing tennis in the evenings as we were unable to find any volleyball in the area. It's ok, but not as much fun as smacking volleyballs around.

Speaking of volleyball, I am proud to debut my new volleyball t-shirt design for upcoming season. For those of you not familiar with the work of Kevin Smith, the figure depicted on the t-shirt is The Buddy Christ. The Buddy has been in several films and even has his own bobbing head doll now. I used a video capture from the movie Dogma and then ran it through Photoshop for some stylizing. KB, owner of the Chat and Chill provided the location for the photo shoot.

The second place design featured a "What Would Jesus Do?" logo on top and then the Buddy Christ, His volleyball, and a caption that said "He'd Spike It on your Ass!" . The judges (Amy) would not approve this one for general release. Dammit man!

This weekend I think we were are either heading down to the boat or to Tampa Bay to look at a guy's used wind surfer. I'm pulling for Tampa, but we'll have to wait and see. Ok, that about wraps it up. Talk to you soon.

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