Engel Freezer

We added an external freezer to Dream Catcher after our first year out cruising when we decided that our built in fridge/freezer (Adler Barbour) just drew too much energy to use as a freezer.

Enter the Engel, AC/DC stand alone freezer. We heard about these guys from a fellow cruiser and after researching several competitors offerings we ordered the Engel 35 which is the smallest model they make.

The unit is very small measuring about 16 x 14 x 25 inches and has an internal capacity of 35 quarts (hence the 35 designation). We keep the internal temperature down below 25F and careful monitoring has revealed that the Engel runs about 20 minutes out of every hour and draws 2.5 amps when running. This works out to less than 40 amps per 24 hour period.

The unit is quiet and very well insulated. We have never seen condensation form on the exterior surfaces. The manufacturing quality is adequate although our unit is showing a little surface rust after three years of continuous use.

In retrospect I'm glad we bought the smallest size as it is more power friendly and for our family of two we have no trouble storing frozen foods for a month or two worth of meals. The only thing holding this product back from a Mega Sweet rating is the external skin on the unit which has started to develop surface rust after 3 years of use.

I would still definitely recommend this product.

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