I am a Sewing Machine

It struck me as funny this morning when I realized I haven't been out of the Weasel Cottage in three days. With the exception of Amy I haven't actually interacted with another living human face to face. Of course I've got the ferrets keeping me company off and on all day while I sew, but somehow our conversations are a bit one sided.

It's gotten bad enough that when the UPS guy knocked on the door two days ago, I waited for him to leave the package and return to his truck before I opened the door to retrieve my parcel. I like to think it means that I don't belong here in Orlando, or Florida or sometimes maybe the US, but Amy says it just means I'm weird. Where's the love team?

In other news, I have finished the salon cushions and on Monday we plan on taking them back to the boat. It looks like I'll have enough fabric to do the two navigation station cushions to match the salon as well as the two small cushions found in the forward staterooms, but I've run out of the fancy cording that graced the horizontal back rest pieces. Oh well.

I think we have also located a replacement dinghy for Team Dream Catcher and I should know in a day or two if the deal is going to go through or not. The dinghy in question is an Apex, rigid inflatable of the 9.5 foot variety. It's used but in good shape and currently living in Annapolis Maryland. Assuming the deal goes through, I will soon be looking for someone coming this way from up north who might have room to drag said dinghy south, so if you know anyone, drop me a line.

In other news, I have made a couple more updates to the new website and I also added a software section to host a couple of the programs that I have written over the last few years that are available free of charge. Check out the Software tab at the far right end of the top menu for more information.

The weather continues to suck here in central Florida though we have now had 5 days since our arrival where it hasn't rained. Keep in mind this is out of 81 possible, but there you have it. Also of concern, Hurricane Fay is on her way to visit us. It looks like its going to hit the west coast of Florida and not the east so at least Dream Catcher should be ok.

While we're down at the boat this trip I plan to get a few pictures of Dream Catcher while she is out of the water. I'll try to get some action shots of our new engine nstallations as well.

If I remember, I will also be grabbing several pieces and parts for transport back to the Weasel Cottage for repair and modifications. Among those include the external Entec Freezer unit, the forward, centerline hatch cover, our spice rack and my spear fishing gear.

We have an order of sailing canvas on its way from Sailrite, so now that the cushions are done we will begin to tackle the external canvas replacement pieces. These are mostly flat box stuff and as such they tend to be a lot easier to construct than cushions.

And speaking of sewing, I had an email from one stalker, I mean reader, ask me if I was the slowest sewing person in the history of man kind because I have been working on these cushions for over a month now. Well dear reader I have proof positive shown side right of why it has taken so long to finish the cushions. With helpers like these it's a wonder I get anything done at all.

Ok, that about wraps it up. Stay tuned, more to follow.

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