Hair Cut

We were both awake by 6 am and we had the boat underway by 6:30. By 7:30 we were just of the Ben Sawyer bridge and I was pleasantly surprised that we had no issue getting trough in a timely manner. Maybe they fired all the old bridge tenders and replaced them with real live humans. Nice work South Carolina.

We crossed through the harbour at Charleston and then continued our way south. It was a beautiful, sunny day and I think it's safe to say we've finally caught up to warmer weather. By mid afternoon, we reverted to shorts and t-shirts with no socks and it was good.

We knew we couldn't make Beaufort today, so we called it a day early and stopped at Tom Point Creek around 1:30. Once the boat was to bed, I got Amy to cut my hair and then we made pineapple rum smoothies.

At sunset the no-see-ums showed up and so we buttoned up the boat and steamed some shrimp for dinner. Tomorrow we'll reach Beaufort where we hope to get some groceries, do some laundry and then fuel up before we head offshore to Florida.

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new friends? least these don't have feathers or fur...oh hey...Jeremy got the'll never believe, he has over 200  of them from where ever you guys have been...he's got them all stored in books....very anal...I'm not sure where he gets that...
be safe...and enjoy your warmness...It was flurrying here yesterday...

Take care

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