Running from the Blow

The weather that came in was about twice as bad as we expected, so this morning after first light and the weather dude, we upped anchor and headed out from the lee of Big Majors to round Harvey Cay and set sail for Little Farmers.

In retrospect I should have sent us down here two days ago, but like a jackass I believed the lying goat rapists from NOAA and thought the weather was going to be much more benign than it is.

Once we cleared he protection of Big Majors, the waves quickly built to 5 feet in the harbor which sports exactly 9 feet of depth. Shitty death to be sure.

It took us an entire hour to beat our way the 2.5 miles out to Harvey Cay, but once there, we fell off the wind, let out 80% of the head sail, shut off the engines and rocketed down towards Little Farmers at 10.5 knots in 30 knots of wind true. What a ride !!!!

We were off Big Harbour in Little Farmers by 10:30 and with only an hour til high tide, we made it across the bar and into the anchorage without issue. There was one other boat anchored here, but other than that everything was quiet. We got the boat settled and Amy made us pizza for lunch.

MilaWeasel seems to be getting worse and we are now thinking w may need to run to G'Town tomorrow to see Howard the vet. I hope she is just sick and there isn't anything seriously wrong with her, but given her age and the two adrenal gland removal procedures, I am more than a little worried.

In the afternoon we launched the dinghy and headed in to Ali's shack for a couple of drinks and as it turned out a couple of games of Texas Hold-em in which I am proud to report that I smoked the competition and won every game. Kick ass.

Back on the mother ship I made grilled chicken breasts for dinner.

PS - Mila is getting worse and we are heading for the vet ASAP.

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Best of luck with Mila.

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