Well, the worst has happened and at 4:15 this afternoon we had to have MilaWeasel put down. We left Farmers at first light arriving in GTown around 3 pm. Once in the harbour we contacted the vet and arranged a taxi to get out to him ASAP. After he inspected Mila and listening to his prognosis, we agreed that given her deteriorating state, the humane thing to do was to put her to sleep.

Obviously, we're both really sad about this, but in the end, I got to hold her and then tell her goodbye and eally thats probably the most any of us can hope for. I hope that someday someone will do the same for me.

Howard (the vet) has a small pet cemetery near his house and we buried Mila there. We said our last fair wells and returned to the dinghy and then the big boat where we gave up on dinner and instead had several rounds of drinks, toasting our dearly departed crew member and remembering what a bright spot she was in our lives.

More on another day.

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So very sorry,I feel like I knew Mila through all the great stories,I have tears and I can`t imagine your grief---The Missing Link

I too feel like I know Mila... Keep yourself busy and time will heal....

My sincere condolences.  It's always tough to loose a loved one.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Mila.  It is hard to lose a pet, especially one you have spent years with.  I will miss the story's about her and tomato based sauces.  


So sorry to hear about Mila weasel.  We have followed her antics for years and know how much you will miss her.
Kathy B
s/v Charm

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Milaweasel. I've really enjoyed reading about all the weasels. Condolences

I am really sorry to hear about Mila.  I have always enjoyed the stories about her and the rest of the tribe.

Most sorry to hear about Mila.
I've followed your trip for many months.  Honeymooned in Beaufort and know Oriental very well.

We had to do the same for one of our girl-dogs.  It's been eight months.  Still think of her. but the sadness has faded.  Hope your void fills thru the antics of the other weasels.

Stay warm, it's cold back here !

the kids and I were very upset to hear the sad news about Mila...It is tough...hang in there guys...

Hey guys,

For much of history the word 'weasel' has had a bad connotation. Now, for me, when ever I come across 'weasel' the next word in my mind will be 'Mila' and the next thing on my face a smile.

We all change the world in little ways but most effectively when we share our lives.

Keep sailing.


I knew it!...I just KNEW you had great sailing friends ( read that...real, live human people....) Tommy....Mila, no doubt, helped you with that.....take care

You still have the cookie cutter and the short track guys.Hang in there and you will find another high speed,aero driver for Team Wesii. The team goes on.

So sorry to hear about your MilaWeasel.  With all of your sailing in the Bahamas with her, it seems she is in a nice place.  We know how much you must miss her being a part of your family and crew.

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