Coming Home

Being full time live-aboards for as long as we have, I don't really have a sense of "home" anymore, except when we return to our friends here in Georgetown. Despite a boat-wide case of the gloomies, we did our best today to reconnect with as many of our friends as we could.

I hooked up with my volleyball buddies and played a few rounds testing out the limits of my recently healed foot. As I write this now, all is well, but the real test will be tomorrow when I wake up and then we get to see if all my pieces and parts continue to function as designed.

As an aside, I'm always amazed at the compassion of the closed-knit community we live in here. No less than twenty people found time in their day to stop by and express their condolences for our loss. This may sound weird to many of you, but Amy and I made a conscious choice to not have children, so for us the weasels are all the family we're ever going to have. Losing one is hard. Thanks to all of those who stopped by and made our day a little brighter.

This evening we went up to our Bahamian friend Alvin's place on Hamburger Beach and had a few rum punches while we listened to our cruising buddies Callie (Serenity) and Don (Magic Beans) give an impromptu concert on the beach. The music was great and we enjoyed getting back into the swing of things down island.

Tomorrow I need to head across the harbour and do laundry, get water, dump trash and score some groceries.

Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there....

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Very sorry for your loss.  I can well appreciate how hard it is.  

I'm saddened by Mila's passing.  You made her special to me too.  We should all thank you and Amy for providing a loving home and frequent adventures for each of your dependants.  They are very lucky to have found you, and there is another little one somewhere who needs you two too.

By the way, Siesta (our Atlantic 42) is on a mooring a couple miles south of you, in the care of a new friend who lives on Elizabeth Island.  I will be down on Feb 14 and may try to hunt you down.  There have been reports.....

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