Ball Control

A strong low pressure system moved into our area three days ago and brought with it strong north easterly winds that have kept most of the harbour pinned down. I've been playing volleyball with the guys in the afternoons, but it's pretty difficult to control the ball in these near gale force conditions.

Amy has been getting her ducks in a row for her flight back to Brooklyn on Saturday. I'm hoping the wind lets up a little before then as right now it would be really rough to try and dinghy across the harbour. She plans on spending a week back in the states dealing will "Alzheimer-ville" and all that entails.

While Amy is gone, Milo and Marley and I will hold the fort down. I need to get in the water and scrub the bottom of the boat and I need to service both engines on the mother ship. I also have to run two new circuits for the manual control of both electric bilge pumps. They work now when they sense water, but they have a second "on" position that allows you to force them to pump whenever you want and I'd like to get that online.

The list of routine maintenance goes on, but I'll spare you the details. When Amy returns we'll be leaving the harbour and continuing on our way. If the weather allows, we'll be heading back up to Farmer's for the 5F festival and then following the mail boat route down to the Ragged Islands.

Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there....

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Hope all is well with Grannie....btw if the older sister is in the market could you put a good word in for me?


I think I would be more concerned about Amy's flight in bad weather than the ride across the harbor.  If you have never flown on a smaller plane in heavy weather, in boating terms, think cork plus typhoon.  Those small planes carry puke bags for a reason.

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