Reef Terrorist

This morning we sailed the big boat back up to the south end of Hog Cay as our anchorage down between Ragged and Little Ragged had gotten pretty rolly overnight. The wind was blowing at 20 knots, but because we are lazy we chose to only use the head sail to cover the 8 miles and thus it took us 2 hours to move.

Despite our slow sailing speed, we were re-anchored and the boat was to bed by 9 am. Once settled in, Amy made us tacos with the last of our ground beef. Milo say on my lap the entire time and proceeded to remove all tomato presence from my each of my tacos before I could eat them.

Most of day passed slowly, but by 2 pm I decided to don my might hunter, Bozo deluxe wet suit attire and search the anchorage for edible life forms. I have snagged a few conch in past years in this anchorage and I once nailed a nice 8 pound mutton snapper, so expectations were high.

I wasn't in the water for 5 minutes before a reef shark showed up and after my repeated attempts to chase him off failed, I gave up and went home. Damn you reef terrorist! Jihad on you!

Back on the boat I got cleaned up and then around 6 pm we went in to the beach for a bonfire happy hour with the other 5 boats currently anchored here. Jon and Joann from Freebird are here and it was nice to be able to catch up with them as we haven't seen much of them this season.

Super G and Miss Julie were also in attendance and Amy and I ended up staying with them by the fire until almost 10 pm and well after everyone else had departed. We had a great time just shooting the breeze and enjoying the conversation while keeping the fire going and the evening went down as one of the best times we've had this season.

In other news, Duke beat the Tarheels to win the ACC tournament and I suspect this is why the UNC fans on Trumpeter were mysteriously absent from our evening festivities.

Back on the boat Amy made some crab toast and I ate the left over lobster from last night's dinner before we called it a day around midnight. I suspect no one will be up to listen to the weather dude in the morning. More to follow, end of line....

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Duke sucks, go Maryland!!! Oh, wait, we didn't get invited to the tourney. We suck. Dammit!

Wow, neat DC3 but the hanger is too small.  Smile

I ***SO*** did NOT park that thing!!!!

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