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Well, a week has passed in the Big Apple and there isn't too much to report except that we are slowly making progress on cleaning out 56 years of accumulated granny stuff.

Our days are spent slowly sifting through the 5+ decades worth of stuff one accumulates from living in the same place for all that time.

About every 15 minutes I remind myself how glad I am that Amy and I live on a sailboat and therefore we are immune to the "collect-it-stuff-itis" that seems to afflict the rest of the known world.

The weasels are a big help as you can imagine. They spend their time equally between playing in the ever present black trash bag and trying to climb out the window over the air conditioner and onto the fire escape to go rat hunting in Brooklyn. I hear thats big sport in these parts.

There have been a number of interesting finds while we've been cleaning. Amy found several Hummel porcelain pieces that may range in value from $400 to $4000 dollars depending on who you ask and I found a circa 1957 collapsible ladies fan complete in it's original box with the winning slogan "Be cool and be gay".

I suspect the 1957 date is authentic and perhaps the slogan had a subtly different meaning in it's day, but I could be wrong as I believe it's possible that all New Yorker's may in fact be aliens.

Anyhow, in the evenings, we've taken to walking in various directions and exploring what Brooklyn has to offer. I guess it's nice enough, but I fear it's not really for me. Amy on the other hand, loves it and she has braved public transportation on several occasions to visit the museums in Manhattan.

As an aside, long time readers will remember my deep seeded phobia of public transportaion after my encounter with the faceless person in Vero Beach and so it goes without saying that I have yet to work up the courage to try again here in New York.

This afternoon I am heading down to Maryland to pick up my brother's truck and then return to New York  tomorrow to load up the boxes of stuff to be saved. My dad and brother-in-law will be riding along to help with the moving of heavy stuff.

More to follow, end of line....

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My uncle John lives in New York. H's pretty cool. You should ask around and meet him. . .

Da boys sittin around da bar heres in Ogdensburg, all read your post on da big screen behind da bar, at the same time  and in one voice, shouted, "RUMMAGE SALE" as if their voices would carry from the hinter land of Wisconsin to the eastern seaboard. But fillin da sidewalks out ders with grandmas stuff might get yous arrested. but on second thougt, that would make a good readin post from yous behind bars.

ROFL in tears with both sides hurting.  Tom, how would you and the weasels look in horizontal B&W pin stripes?  Hey, you are in the big time now.  They are reading your blog on the big screen in a Wisconsin bar.  LOL  You should sell them autographed pictures of you, Amy, and the weasel crew on Dream Catcher or at least on T's.  This has to be the funniest post I have seen.  You never know who is reading your blogs.  Smile

...I love the remote/on location idea of blogging from jail! is it you've not done this before?.....I think those guys from wisconsin are on(to) something....don'tcha' know?!
..Actually, I too, knowing you as I do, totally expected to see a roll off dumpster sitting below on the sidewalk, and you, in the apartment above, tossing things out the window.."one for YOU, for ME...."

As for the rockin' jail attire....your sewing skills not withstanding...if you got a couple of black and white striped tube socks, and just cut off the tops....the furry tribe would be set.

...on second thought...they might look better in road-crew-orange

Wanna get high in the city?

When do you expect to start south this year? We'd love to have you and Amy stop by our place in Wrightsville on your way.

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