On Being Lazy

I've often wondered why seemingly every job I tackle on the boat ends up taking three times as long as it should. I usually tell people that it's some sort of immutable law of boat physics, but I've always secretly wondered if it's just that I'm lazy.

But recently, our super secret, security perimeter camera station captured incontravertable proof of the true forces at work.

As it turns out, it's not just that I'm lazy, it's that I'm lazy and I have way too much help.

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Those guys look like they are alot of help.

Dude, you could make a serious bong with all those fittings. Wanna get high?

actually the only work I saw going on was the ferrets....oh yeah one time the hand came in but didnt upset the flow of creativity....they seem to have things well in hand....what was the problem again?...isnt it warm enough?...if it was up to them I am sure they would "post" more.....

Where is the big guy when those three hooligans are at it?

...hey Uncle Tom....
.....carsen thinks the ferrets  lack intelligence and need jobs....
Maddie thinks.....they should not be playing with plastic bags...they need some toys...and jeremy thinks uncle tom has too much time on his hands and he needs to get a life....or rent one for a couple of days, to make us all feel better

It's a lot like having kids. You gotta love em even when you want to kill them.

Excerpt from "WESII Ninja training  manual  Rule 23 Always put scout in front spy camera app. Rule 24 Never enter one way secret plastic bag tunnel without escape plan in place

The weasels are cute, your sister may be a gas guzzling meany.
i think she missed jon's point all together. Big ass car == gas guzzling fuel mileage == fighting bullshit wars for oil.

If your car got more than 6 mpg, perhaps we wouldn't be in our 10th year of the oil wars. just my two cents.

Not picking on you older sister, but Americans are wasteful by nature. Consider that you (Americans, not just you) constitute 5% of the world population but use 26% of the energy resources, or in other words:

On average, one American consumes as much energy as

2 Japanese,
6 Mexicans.
13 Chinese,
31 Indians,
128 Bangladeshis,
307 Tanzanians, or
370 Ethiopians

The average individual American daily consumption of water is 159 gallons, while more than half the world's population lives on 25 gallons or less.

Check it out here: www.mindfully.org/.../...ans-Consume-24percent.htm

Maybe your brother and his band of eco-friendly weasels with their solar panels, wind generators, water desalinators and sails will make up for your over use?


Ok, people, you're all entitled to your own opinion, but you should be forewarned; the last person who picked on my sister got pulled thru a school bus window and beaten to a pulp in the parking lot.

Personally, I think sis should drop a big 496 in her SUV with a blower on top, supe it to 1,000 hp and put a boat hitch on it for towing a large power boat with a couple thousand hp in engines.  Now that would be a car!!!  Smile  phbt!!!!

What these self righteous hypocritical foreigners conveniently forget to tell you is that they also have "bad" automotive habits such as their expensive gas guzzlers like Mercedes, Farrari, Porche, and Rollsroyce running at insane speeds (read burning a lot more gas than sis) on their highways plus they have their "evil people" who like to supe up older cars and turn them into hot rods.  For example, in Germany, it is common practice to supe up old VW's with Porche engines (yeah, that is conserving energy).  They are just jealous because more of us can afford to pay for gas guzzlers like SUV's and put us down pretending they are conservation saints.  Some of us know better.  :-P  phbt!!!!  Go suck a tail pipe!

....wow, who knew I could stir up such an uprising just mentioning my totally-fabulous, non-earthy-crunchy-diesel-guzzling-war-instigating-oil-price-gouging-room-for-8 -Ford Excursion.....
.......maybe it would please your readers to know that my other vehicle is an ecologically-friendly-no-animals-were-harmed-during-the making-of-this-product----BROOM!!!,  which I proudly ride on, wearing a cape with a Capital "B" on it.....it uses no fuel...
...and thanks for the moment of support, Tom... although I no longer need to pull people through bus windows... when I don't care for their opinions....I can drop the truck in 4-LOW, and push them over with the brush guard...hardly even makes a dent......

Now that has been settled, back to the fun stuff.  I am hoping that, since it is after the 15th, the weasels have mutinied and Dream Catcher is heading south at light speed with more tales to following.  Smile  (BTW, What model broom, Ford or Chevy?)

isnt it terribly apt that this title should precede a looooong time between posts?......whats up guys?....

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