Dinghy Sitters

Another day passes in our tropical paradise and as spring starts to set in, almost all of our friends are preparing to head north back towards the states. This time of year is always a little sad as we say good-bye to friends, new and old, but our little community is so small, we're bound to run into most people again somewhere down the road.

A cold front is forecast to move through our area tomorrow, so I imagine we'll move the big boat over to town to wait out the westerly winds. It will also be a good time to stock up on water and fuel for the big boat as well as lay in a serious supply of rum so that when we do depart for points south, we can ensure the continuance of rum based sunset worships. Yay God!

In other news, I just found out that we will be babysitting Ollie and Pam's 14 foot inflatable for the summer. The boat is too big to carry back to the states, so they typically leave it here in the bush on one of the islands. Last year when they returned for the season, a large rat had taken up residence in their inflatable and so they have asked us if we'd like to use the boat and keep it rat free while they are gone.

Hmm, considering that it's 5 feet longer and 30 horsepower bigger than our dink, I think we can probably accommodate them.

Actually, we've procured a private mooring back in one of the holes where we'll keep their dinghy when we leave the harbour. Their dink is actually too big for us to tow behind the mother ship except for calm weather days and so we will only be able to make use of it when we are here in the harbour. Still, it'll be nice for getting back and forth to town on those high wind days.

Anyhow, tomorrow we're having a private poker game for just the folks who have been dealers at the regular Tuesday/Thursday night games. Hopefully Team Dream Catcher can return to the winner's circle and bring home the cash as we are now one first place finish away from breaking the thousand dollar threshold for this season's winnings. Go team, go!

Ok, that's about all there is to report. More to follow, end of line ....

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Dude, I can so get high in a 14 foot inflatable. Wanna get high?

Let's see a picture of that phat ride. Maybe we should all chip in and get you rollin on some 22's. Ghetto ride!

What are you going to do with your dinghy now that you're riding in style?


   our dinghy is still with us, safe and secure and currently resting in our davits. ollie's dinghy is so big that we can barely tow it across the harbour, much less tow it off the island, so we'll be using our dinghy plenty over the upcoming summer cruising season.


ps - marleyweasel ate my shift key and now i have no capital letters. bastard [exclamation point]

...we're very proud of you being able to babysit the big dingy...you've come a long way..

.....the pictures are wonderful....although the kids need to see some underwater sights....sharks, shells...rays...submerged boats...we're really very easy...hope you both are well...and remember, capital letters really are over-rated...

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