Beer Based Economy

Things continue to quiet down in our little island paradise. Yesterday marked the first time since our arrival back in January that I am completely caught up on all of my sewing projects. Our boat is now completely devoid of random main sails, dilapidated sun screens and women's bathing suits (don't ask).

The good news (or bad depending on you're point of view) is that I already have 5 major jobs booked for next season. It seems dinghy chaps have become all the rage and so I will be quite busy come November.

Of course, keep in mind dear reader that as a foreign national, it is illegal for me to buy, sell, trade or barter for goods or services unless the appropriate duty has been paid and so I am in fact not working for money, rather for beer and rum, but in this economy that might be more profitable than cash.

Now that a large majority of the seasonal boats have returned northward, Amy and I have agreed to run poker night for a couple of weeks until we are out of players. It isn't hard and it comes with a free dinner and a couple of beers, so once again it seems I have sold my self for beer.

Are you sensing a theme here? I'd definitely vote for the president that favored a beer based economy.

In other news, the end of lobster season has final;finally come to pass. I made one last dive to apprehend a few two days ago. In three hours, I saw 6 bugs, but 2 were obviously already with berries (eggs), 1 was too small, 1 was too smart (to catch i mean) and 2 were just right.

Of course 2 lobsters in 3 hours at the cost of 3 gallons of fuel at $6.18 per gallon mean the lobster is now costing about $40 a pound. As you can currently buy frozen tails in the seafood section at Exuma Markets for $15 a pound, I might need to reconsider my approach.

I wonder if the staff at the market would be upset if they found me in the frozen section in my wet suit with my Hawaiian sling shooting at the plastic wrapped lobster tails? Hmmm. I bet frozen lobsters would be way easier to hit than fish in a barrel.

The weather has taken a turn for the surreal and for the third day in a row the wind has not made an appearance. The goat rapers say this should continue until Saturday. With no wind, it's actually getting hot here, so Amy and I deployed our bat wing, boat shade that deploys from the bottom of the boom and covers 75% of the mother ship. We're definitely getting some weird looks from our neighbors, but at least we are keeping cool.

Ok, that's about it. More to follow, end of line....

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Hmmmm...  What did you say the definition of trade or barter was?  Actually I think that you're finally becoming a Bahamian as the Bahamian economy is largely held up by the beer tax.   1 of the bonuses of becoming a Bahamian is that Summer Crab is now in season!

Glad you're having fun...

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