Weekly Roundup

We're well into week 3 of life ashore and things have settled into a routine of sorts.

Every Monday and Wednesday, I drive the Bailey-mobile into G'Town to pick up Thomas, Bailey's long time Haitian gardener. Thomas spends his time here raking, planting, weeding and generally doing all things garden.

On Tuesday or Thursday, depending on when the tide is high, I take GrouperStyle back to Dream Catcher to exchange what ever projects I have completed for new ones waiting to be done.

This morning, high tide was early, so I was up at first light to make it over the shallow sand bar that separates us from the rest of the harbour in Georgetown proper.

During this past week, I repaired our stack pack which had a couple of seams lets go. While I had it off the boom, I went ahead and restitched the entire thing just for good measure. I suspect I'll get another three years of trouble free service out of it now.

I also made a new set of dinghy chaps for our dinghy, not so much because we needed them, but rather because they were the first set I ever made and after producing sixteen sets, I've gotten much, much better at it. Given the number of people who order a set each year after seeing ours, I thought that ours should look as nice as possible.

While I was back on the boat, I removed our starboard engine and loaded it for the return trip to Bailey's. I plan on pulling the power head off and replacing several of the oil pan gaskets.

I suspect this will go a long way towards reducing the amount of oil we seem to be going through in this engine as the last time we had to motor and length of time, we were going through 1/2 a quart every four hours. Yikes!

The final returned project was our new, greatly reduced in size cockpit table. Bailey has a well equiped wood shop that he has graciously allowed us the use of and with all of his implements of destruction, I was able to make quick work of the offending table top.

Other than that, things are quiet. I noticed there were only 4 cruising boats left anchored in the harbour.

I guess with peak hurricane season rapidly approaching, most boats have headed for safer waters. Hmmm. A clue perhaps?

Ok, that's about it. More to follow, end of line ....

P.S. - The attached photos are of some of the flowers that are growing here at Bailey's house in his many gardens. I am not a big fan of flowers, but my mom is and so there you have it.

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your-sister-the-old-one 7/12/2012 2:05:07 PM

....suck up.....

Dude, I know I smoked that pretty blue bud. I was soooo  high.....
Wanna get high?

When are you free to move about the country?

Dude, the flowers are kind of gay.... Just saying.

Arvin, get over it.

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