A Break in the Heat

Another week draws to a close and we've finally begun to see the end of the summer heat. The last two days have been a pleasant reprieve from the daily 95 degree, 99 percent humidity that have been with us since June. Hopefully this trend will continue.

Two days ago I went out spear fishing by myself. I chose to head south out the first cut and try 100 meters off the shoreline roughly parallel to the gazebo. There had been no wind for several days, but a large breaking swell was still present thanks to not one, but two hurricanes currently tearing up the Atlantic ocean hundreds of miles away.

I saw several edible targets during my foray, but thanks to a tremendous back and forth undulation, I wasn't unable to hit anything! That's right sports fans, I went 0 for 9 in my at bats. Wow, how bad is that?

I was pretty frustrated with the conditions, so after thirty minutes I gave up and went back inside. I tried hunting some more in the lee of Fowl Cay, but the conditions were only marginally better. I did see one good sized Margate, but a shark showed up about the same time and so no shots were fired.

I returned to the boat empty handed. Shitty death.

Yesterday we moved the boat up to Hamburger Beach to be closer to the ocean side beaches. Amy was getting antsy for some quality beach running time and so we picked up anchor and motored almost 2 miles to anchor between the Queen's dock and the Beach Club dock in 5 feet of water all by ourselves.

For dinner I cooked a roasted beast on the grill along with potatoes and some foil wrapped veggie packs that Amy provided. The weasels seem to have sensed the cooling temps as well and so for the first time in months, all four were present at the dinner table. This in turn led to total pandemonium as I tried in vain to protect the roasted beast from the furry invaders. When the dust settled, it looked like a bomb had gone off in the salon and more importantly, all the beef was gone. Bastards!

Post dinner clean-up,Amy retired to our cabin to read and I sat out in the cockpit listening to random bug noises coming from shore.

That's about it, more to follow, end of line ....

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suffer dude 9/15/2012 1:03:26 PM

Wow,  Very pathetic.  Hope things get better.

A "100 meters" I guess Tom has gone Euro. Maybe that is the reason the varmints attacked the beef.................where's the beef.

euro-trash.... the other white meat.

hey tom, just wondered if you heard about George back from your AHERF days. If not call Dawn as I'm sure she can fill you in. I've enjoyed the logs, take care.


your-sister-the-old-one 9/25/2012 4:23:12 PM

and still either that tree must be falling sideways, or your sun is setting crookedly.....

Still, not a bad place to be, I'm sure....keep floating....

Are you guys ok ? No posts in a while !

I think it is time to have a pool as to why Tom has quit posting.  The idea is to see who can come up with the funniest and/or most accurate reason why Tom has stopped posting.

My guess is that Tom did something really stupid that sank the boat and he is too embarrassed to admit it. (You know, like shooting a whole in the hull with his spear gun.)

What is your guess?

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