Fat Chance

I awoke early this morning to run water and take garbage ashore before the masses awoke and made those tasks untenable. I was surprised to find a 5 dinghy waiting line at the water pump, but fortunately, Super G was in line right behind me so at least I had someone to talk to.

After twenty minutes of waiting, it was my turn and I duly loaded 20 gallons of water into our dinghy before returning to the mother-ship to offload. Amy joined the land of the living around 9 am and made us bagel, egg and cheesies for breakfast. 

At 11, I took Amy in to town to load up on veggies. While she shopped, I sat under the shade of the out door pavilion at Bikini Bottoms and drank a cold beer. Thirty minutes later, Amy returned loaded down with un-identifiable veggies and we returned home.

I don't think I mentioned it, but our friends Frank and Debbie on the motor vessel Fat Chance arrived two days ago. This is significant for two reasons; one, they are our friends and we haven't seen them in over a year, and two, Frank was carrying a number of parcels for us from the states.

Dream Catcher's cockpit now resembles the aftermath of the morning of Christmas that I remember from my childhood. Mostly we restocked our rapidly dwindling sewing supplies, but Frank also brought me 8 replacement door latch mechanisms. We have 30 of these plastic, three part latch doo-dads through out our boat and starting last Christmas most of them started failing.

Not all of them fail at the same place our even on the same part, but even with recycling the left overs, we were left with 5 cabinets that had no positive latch. On a catamaran, because of the lack of heeling, this wouldn't normally be a problem, but on a catamaran with weasels, this is a recipe for disaster.

Over the last 12 months I've resorted to cable ties, duct tape and in one case Gorilla glue to keep the weasels away from places they shouldn't go. Now, with the arrival of our spare parts, cabinet life can return to normal. Remember, it's the little things that keep you sane while living in a 450 square foot Clorox bottle,

Of course as with most things in life, there is no free lunch and so right after we returned home from shopping, Fat Change found where we were anchored and to side tie to us to facilitate not only the off loading of the aforementioned goods, but to also allow them to send their fly bridge dodger panels over to me for replacement zipper work. Dammit man!!!!!

Frank and I spent the bulk of the afternoon removing and then restitching a variety of zippers while Debbie laid in the sun and Amy took a nap. What's up with that?

Anyhow, we called it quits around 4 and I estimate that we are about half way done. Tomorrow we'll hook up to continue the task.

After cleaning up the sewing crap, we both took showers and then enjoyed a glass of wine on the fore deck. Around 6 pm we loaded in to the dinghy and headed in to town to meet up with Frank and Debbie at the Peace and Plenty for drinks. We were a little late getting there and I actually met Debbie walking out the door to head down to the yacht club. Apparently Friday night is no longer a happening event at the P&P. Who knew?

We walked back to the yacht club picking up Amy and Frank along the way. We scored a nice set of seats on the edge of the deck overlooking the harbour and ordered some drinks. The sun set and the night came up and we spent two hours sitting around enjoying each others company. Amy and I called it a night around 8:30 and returned to the mother-ship where I made steak fajitas and french fries for dinner. 

They were good and there were no leftovers.

After cleaning up the galley and running the weasels, we both called it a day and retired to our cabin for bed by 10 pm.

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