Bad Meat Whacker

This morning we were off to a slow start thanks in part to the late return last night. Not much was going on on board Dream Catcher before, say 9 am. Even the weasels seemed to enjoy sleeping in. It was actually cold here (relatively) and when I finally woke up this morning, all three weasels and the Amy Unit were snuggled up beside me under my 15 year old home made quilt my mom made me for our wedding present.

As an aside, I think quilts of this caliber are supposed to be saved as future heirlooms, but it seemed a shame not to use something so nice. If your reading this mother, know your efforts were not wasted on this quilt. As it stands now, this quilt has been across the U.S. four times, to Alaska twice and logged a total of 68,000 miles at sea.

I bet Linus's blanket didn't do nearly as well.

Anyhow, when the crew was finally rousted, I made eggs and has browns for breakfast. Afterwards, Amy cleaned up the galley and I readied my wind surfer for pick up. I decided about two weeks ago that I could no longer stand the physical abuse of wind surfing as so the board had to go. A French Canadian we met last year named Gil and his girlfriend Nancy bought it from me at what I consider a very reasonable price. The boat is a little lighter now that the surfer and it's associated gear are gone.

Around noon, Frank came over and dropped off the remaining four dodger panels for me to restitch. It took about two hours, but by 3 pm he had picked them up and re-installed them on his boat.

At 4, Amy and I dinghied in to Big D's where we met up with Ollie and Pam from Dejarlo as well as Ken and Lee from One Eyed Parrots. We had a couple of beers and watched the day drift by until a rainstorm hit and we all had to rush home to close hatches.

We took real fresh water showers, but the evacuation pump that removes the used shower water from the shower pan broke half way through it's job. Shitty death!!! 

I was too mad to work on it right away, so instead I used a towel and bucket and mopped out the rest of the water. I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. 

For dinner, Amy made us taco salad served in edible, hard shell taco shell bowls that she made earlier from home made tortillas. The shells were great, but the meat we got from the market seemed to have been grounded by an overzealous meat whacker. I found several hard, bone like particles mixed in with the meat and this discovery pretty much ruined dinner for both of us. Double shitty death!!!

Still hungry, we split a bottle of Pinot Grigio instead and retired to our cabin for the evening at 8 pm to read books.

More to follow, end of line ....

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Ahoy Tom!
How are you?

Stumbled onto your Blog, sort of by accident!
I was looking for some cruiser's info on Exuma Sailing etc and a few blogs popped up, yours being one of them. Enjoyed the reading so far and will continue to follow your daily posts.

Now for the good stuff...

I am writing from Southampton Ontario, Canada.....a few hours from Whitby, where your Cat was built....anyways, wife's Aunt & Uncle are LONG time residents of George Town, over in Hole 2 for the most recent years. Ted & Gayla from Vitamin Sea...I'm sure you know of them...we spent a week on the boat in 2011 and sailed to a few islands with Ted and Gayla and had a great time...we know Ollie and Pam too and I was hoping you'd pass some info along to them for us...
Ollie likely knows that Vitamin Sea has been in Marathon Fl over the last months receiving some major PM and updates here and there. We have just made flight plans to join Ted and Gayla to sail her back to George Town the first of April!...plan to cross the Gulf April 1 and aim for Nassau....will exit Nassau April 14 and head south thru the chain stopping along the way and ending up in G'town near end of April...not sure if you or Ollie and Pam will still be there but might be nice to have beverage after arrival.

Give Ollie a "heads up!" for us and tell'em we look forward to seeing him again!

Keep up the good blogs,....its getting me in the island frame of mind I hope to enjoy in a month or so!

All the best,

Jay & Kerry
Southampton Ontario

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