Bahamian BioTech

The frenetic pace of life in G'Town has definitely slowed since our move behind February Point. We actually got our first neighbor this morning after 4 days of solitude. Tonga Time with Brian and Charlene joined us today in preparation for a serious blow slated to hit us Saturday night.

I spent the majority of today up at a nearby business working on a couple of computer projects for them. One in particular that is sort of cool is a bio-metric finger print scanner that utilizes some software I wrote to track employees' time sheets. The days of having your buddy clock in for you when you are running late are over I'm afraid to say.

Of course, given how long it's been since I've coded professionally, I wouldn't be surprised if the code messes up and some poor, unsuspecting Bahamian worker suddenly looses a finger while trying to clock in. I'm not wishing for this mind you, I'm just saying it isn't out of the realm of possibilities and in truth an event like that down here would most likely largely go unnoticed.

I didn't get back to town and the dinghy until almost 4 pm. Before returning to the mother ship, I stopped at the market for a few supplies and the liquor store for a bottle of 7 and a bottle of red wine for the AmyUnit.

Back on board, we stowed our supplies and I then set to making dinner. Tonight's menu featured chicken parmesan served over linguine and covered in homemade tomato sauce. It was good, but due to the sheer amount of chicken involved, there were in fact leftovers.

SattvaWeasel once again managed to get herself covered in sauce while we weren't looking and so now she is sporting her dyed "Euro" fashion look. Ciao! she says.

Post dinner clean up, the five of us gathered in the salon and watched the new Adam Sandler movie, That's My Boy. I thought it was funny, but Amy said it was juvenile and lame. The weasel tribe seemed ambivalent and they mostly slept through the whole thing. Hmmmm.

To bed by 10 pm after putting the furry ones to bed. See you tomorrow, more to follow, end of line ....

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Dude, could you build me a better bong? How bout we use that brain for good instead of something like work. Wanna get high?


I've always wanted to give those time clocks the finger.

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