Mini Me

This morning I was up in time to catch the weather dude for the first time in like a week. He is still forecasting doom and gloom come Saturday night and Sunday morning. Amy and I decided to just sit tight where we are, in the protection of Fergusson Point until the weather passes.

Truthfully, with the new 15 hp engine, being back here is actually nice. The only draw back this anchorage ever had was that you are kind of far from Volleyball Beach, but thanks to our new engine, our dinghy now has trans-warp drive and we are capable of speeds up to and including warp factor 9.

After breakfast, I loaded the AmyUnit into the dink and we headed in to town to drop off trash, recycling, and then take on water. Once the dinghy was loaded, Amy hit both markets for supplies while I went to Top to Bottom to score a new grill lighter. We rendezvoused at the dinghy dock, loaded our purchases and then headed home.

Back on board, I played with the weasels while Amy stored our supplies. Once she was finished, she took over with the tribe and I serviced our batteries. We have been experiencing some irregularities in our amp capacity, hence the service call. Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be windy, so we'll use the wind gen to do a battery equalization charge and see where we are after that.

Once the batteries were back together, I re-installed our #2 propane tank in it's designated locker. After that, I serviced the Honda genset. This entails changing the .5 liters of oil, washing out the re-usable air filter and generally just sort of wiping the unit down looking for problems.

By the time the generator was back together and ready for duty, it was dinner time. Tonight's feast was pressure cooker ribs with corn bread and some sort of southern style vegetable that Amy made and I refused to acknowledge. The ribs were excellent and none were left behind.

After dinner, Amy retired to our stateroom with a book and I watched The Avengers with BodhiWeasel. It was ok, but not great.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last day of reasonable weather before the winds of death and destruction descend upon us. Amy and I are planning on taking megabrella to VolleyBall Beach and enjoying the day.

Remember, be safe, it's dumb out there ....

P.S. - Today's picture is of me and my friend, MiniMe, taken over our New Year's Eve party up at St. Francis. Except for the different color Christmas trees on our heads, I think he looks just like me....

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He looks nothing like you Bozo.

What's up with the trees on your collective heads? Is that a Bahamian thing?

your-sister-the-old-one 2/23/2013 8:33:16 AM

O. M G.........bite your think there was a little you.....ANYWHERE......i'm just can't see it....

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