Fiberglass Blues

So for the last two weeks, we’ve been using a 12 foot, flat bottom skiff with our 15 horse Yamaha as our dinghy transportation. I bought the skiff for Eric and Susan on Elysia, but they aren’t on the island and so they said I could use it while I am trying to repair the transom crack on our rigid-inflatable Apex.

While I’m at it, I am also fixing several small cracks and breaks in the skiff, so needless to say I have been doing a lot of grinding, glassing and then repeating. All this work is happening on the beach here at Hamburger.

So the last two days, I’ve been hearing these voices in the trees. At first I thought maybe it was Jesus, but then I figured, why would HE be talking to me? Wrong number perhaps, but I doubt it.

After discounting the Christian savior, my next thought was aliens, so when I went in to the beach yesterday I took my tinfoil hat, but the voices persisted. Scratch out aliens.

And then today, I stashed my camera in a hidden location to film me while I worked and after hearing the voices once again, i reviewed the footage and discovered the source of the mysterious voices from above. I was not aware that we had wild parrots down here, but apparently I was mistaken.

The two birds were definitely talking, but it wasn’t in a language I could understand, so I cannot tell you what they were saying.

Anyway, they don’t seem to be bothered by my fiberglass work, so I think I am in no danger while I work.

In other news, the village of shacks that magically grow on the government dock in town every year right before the Family Island Regatta have just begun to sprout up. The racing is still 10 days away, but before long, the entire island will shutdown for 4 days and some 2000 visitors will arrive to take part in the racing festivities. I’ve been offered a couple of ride on an A class boat, a B class boat and three different C boats, but my knee needs to heal a little bit more before I can commit to racing. I guess we’ll see.

The AmyUnit just finished a major writing project for a company back in the states, so she is taking a mini vacation the next couple of days. Because we live in paradise, this entails sleeping in late and having me bring her breakfast in bed. I figure it’s a small price to pay since she is keeping me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to.

Tonight’s dinner was a very nice and very expensive rack of lamb. I marinated the meat in a home-made Australian outback rub for two hours before flash searing it in a covered pan. We served it with wild rice and half a loaf of bread that I made on the grill this morning.

Dinner was awesome, if a little expensive. Of course, expensive is a relative concept when you live here. I spent 35 dollars on dinner tonight including 9 bucks for wine, but going out in the states for the same meal would have been closer to 80 or 100 I suspect.

On the flip side, if we’d gone out, we wouldn’t have had to do dishes or remove weasels from our table top on four different occasions during the meal. Oh well, that’s life in the fast lane.


More to follow, end of line …

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They are al Queda parrots. TERRORISTS !!!!! Shoot those f@#$ers like it aint no thing!

Wow thats a lot of anger morton. Why not smoke a fatty and chill bro? Wanna get high?


Can you tell me what kind of bird is this? I have not seen animal of this kind before in Bahamas and I am curious. Very good the shot is. Thanks for time you spend as I enjoy it very much.


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