Summer Time

I guess winter has finally broken as it was a balmy 89 degrees today. I hate summer, I hate it so much!

I spent today working on a computer program I am writing for a local hotel. they need a new employee time tracking system and after looking at what is available commercially, I opted to write my own. To this end, I ordered in a small. 9 inch, 1200 x 900 pixel touch screen monitor to serve as the active interface to my program.

The software is fairly simplistic, offering just a logon screen, a punch in/punch out screen and a default, what time is it screen. So far, so good, the app went live today and hopefully is actively recording employee comings and goings. Of course if it all goes south, maybe we can just up anchor and sail away. Just kidding….

In other news, I went fishing this morning in the relative calm we are experiencing. I think I saw about 10 lobsters, but of course they are currently unavailable because it is their mating season. Instead I chose two school master snappers, one of which weighed in at about 5 pounds. I found them in about twenty feet of water, very close to an old oven that someone decided to throw into the ocean. Needless to say, they will now see my oven up close.

I am still recovering from my dinghy crash two weeks ago. Everything but my knee has healed, so I am hopeful I will make a full recovery. The downside is that I can’t play volley ball with my friends, which sucks as they are all leaving in the next week or so. I guess I’ll have to wait until next fall to get back out on the court.

Next Wednesday is the start of our Family Island Regatta and the whole island is gearing up for the parties. I actually saw a Bahamian road crew (which is something in itself) out yesterday painting lines on our roads. We’ve never had lines here before, but word on the street is that the tourism office is trying to put forward a good image for the expected 5000 visitors we’ll have next week.

Of course, as we do not have a car, the lines mean very little to us, but in my experience even to those Bahamians who do have cars, the lines mean very little. Driving is definitely a contact sport down here and I’m glad I’m not a car on this island.

In other news, we’ve got a line on another house sitting gig that would be for the month of May with this slightly crazy, older lady who needs to return to the states for a month long series of eye surgeries. She has a nice Dalmatian named Bella that needs to be watched after, and while we’re still in negotiations, it looks like we’ll probably be doing it.

Tonight is probably the last of the twice weekly poker games. With Pam and Ollie gone, it’s fallen to us to run both nights now and it’s getting to be too much. Fortunately, Family Island will wipe it out next week and so I hope to go back to a once a week game like we have in summers past. Amy and I are definitely pokered out.

For the record, we’ve won a combined 12 times since January 1 and we’ve placed in the money 25 times over that same time frame. More than any of you wanted to know, but things are slow and I am struggling for material.

Ok, that wraps it up. More to follow, end of line …

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Now would be a good time to reconsider my suggestion to outsource your blog to China.  With Walmart working to abandon China, you could probably get a good deal on a Chinese tech writer.  Just think of all the free time you would have to persue your various activities.

Hey bozo, can you post some pics of your "bat wings"? We'd like to make some awnings for our Gemini, but we don't have any ideas on how to start.


Dude, they look high. Do they still taste like chicken?


In the Bahamas there are only 2 options on an automobile : Horn or Brakes... But you can only pick 1...

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