Bahamian Space Program

The Bahamas is a country of almost 360,000 people. To put that into perspective, the county where I grew up currently has a population of 810,000. The point being, the Bahamas is a very, very small population spread out over quite a large geographical area.

Being such a small country, they don’t have things like NASA. Or at least I used to think they didn’t.

Yesterday, while enjoying Megabrella on the beach with Eric and Susan and the usual cast of shady characters, we got exclusive spy video footage of what can only be the first steps of the fledgling Bahamian Space Agency. See photo and supporting YouTube vide embedded below.

Being a nation of islands, I guess their approach makes sense as the only thing we have a lot of here, is sea water. Initial tests looked ok, but I am curious how many jet skis they are going to have to put nose to tail to achieve breakaway orbital velocity. I’m guessing more than a couple.

In other news, our friends Eric and Susan arrived on the island for a ten day vacation this morning. They are fresh in from Ohio and thus look pasty white and sort of dead. We spent the afternoon on the beach having a couple of cold ones hiding in the shade of Megabrella while catching up on how they have been. In the evening we moved the party up to St. Francis, but that was cut a little short after Eric passed out on the dinghy dock.

I stuck a floatation device under his head, decided against tying him to the dock to prevent a fall in and rejoined the party. We let him sleep it off for an hour and then Susan and I stuck him in a dinghy and took him home. Oh well, it happens to us all…


We were back on the mother ship by 11 pm and Amy turned in while the weasels and I watched Flight with Denzel Washington. It was good and I recommend it to everyone as long as you aren’t about to get on an airplane.

The weasels self bedded around midnight and I turned in shortly after one. See you tomorrow, or rather later today.

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Wow Bozo, that is awesome. why didn't you do it?

Wow, that is pretty spectacular. Is that a store bought piece of kit or is it a home brew? Any idea?

What keeps jet pack guy from flying into jet ski guy and having a very bad day?


   As near as we could tell, nothing at all. The jet ski operator was paid mega yacht crew in this case, so I guess it was in his job description. I think I'd rather be unemployed....


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