Meaty Goodness

Forward progress is being made, despite my best efforts and several projects were wrapped up in the last couple of days.

One such progress was rebuilding the forward trampoline on this Hobie 16, pictured side right. The boat belongs to a friend of mine and he had asked a while ago if I could make him a new net as ordering one and having it shipped down here is prohibitively expensive, not to mention time consuming.

Instead of using the traditional mesh that most Hobies’ have, I opted to order in the same material we use on Dream Catcher. It’s a 30 oz, vinyl coated, woven polyester material typically only used on larger cats, due to the cost, but given the abuse this particular Hobie sees day in and day out, the price wasn’t really a factor. The trampoline on Dream Catcher is now in it’s 10th year and it looks as good as the day we got it. Try that with the genuine Hobie gear.

Other projects on this weeks round up include finishing the proto-type beach chair. I’ve refined my design somewhat over the course of this project, but I think we’re ready for beach trials. Unfortunately, the only test pilot I know is no longer in the harbour, so I’m thinking of grabbing some unsuspecting Touron this weekend over at the Chat and Chill to take the first test ride.

On the outboard front, I’ve managed to separate the lower unit from the top and I have extracted the impeller. Finding a replacement is proving to be a little more difficult and I may end up having to have one shipped in from the states. With our time running out at the Bailey house, I’ll probably just take the engine back to the mother ship and store it there until I can procure parts.

I’ve also cut the pieces I need for our new segmented refrigerator section. The built in fridge on Dream Catcher is almost 5 cubic feet as it was originally intended to have a tiny, freezer section defined by the evaporator box. Since we have an external freezer, I have opted to make the fridge just that, fridge only and as such we need to substantially reduce the cubic footage we are trying to cool.

The new unit arrived with some friends of ours yesterday and I plan on installing it tomorrow. Once it’s in and running, I’ll run some tests to figure out what sort of temperature I can get in the whole box and then figure out exactly where I want to segment it down. I suspect it will be in the 2 to 3 cubic foot range, starting from the very back of the box. The area that gets excluded from the front will end up being a spill over cooling area for Amy veggies or my iced tea and sodas. I’ll update this one a little more next time.

We did take time out of our busy schedules (yeah, right) to make a trek up island. We stopped at the Bristol Liquor store for a couple of cases of decent, sub 5 dollar per bottle wine as well as an assorted case of rum. On the way back down island, we hit up the Prime Island Meats store near Darville Lumber. We’ve been in a few times and have both been very impressed with the quality of meats and cheeses available.

The place has only been open a year, but they seem to be doing well and I hope they are able to make it as business. It’s the first time anyone has ever been able to get honest to goodness, non seafood, fresh meat on the island. Yay steak!

Ok, that brings you up to date. Stay tuned, the opening of lobster season is just a day away. More to follow, end of line …

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Bozo - that's not a
Hobie 16

miloWeasel 8/1/2013 6:15:00 AM


   I'm pretty sure it is. It measures 16 feet, but it probably isn't the 16 your familiar with. This is one of the rotomolded Hobie 16 Getaways. At least that's what the parts matched up to. You can read about it here: at the bottom, under the section "rotomolded" or check out this google image search:


Wow bozo, 7,000,000 hits. Way to go!


Thanks Dresden, you guys really have no life ....


Hey Tom,

   Glad to finally find you guys online. I have wondered what happened to you. Give me a call if you get a chance and we can catch up. Hope you are well.


hey Bozoz, I to have a hobie 16 like yours. Keep up the good work.


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