Freezer Monster

It’s currently a full-on working frenzy as we try to wrap up all the boat projects during our last week of house sitting. I’m spending way too many hours in the wood shop trying to complete the seemingly endless list of stuff to make life aboard Dream Catcher manageable once more.

I got the parts for the Yamaha 30 installed and tested. The engine seems to run fine, but I haven’t had time to take it for a long test spin to verify we’ve overcome our over heating problems. I guess that will have to wait until we’re back on board for that one.

The new fridge went in pretty easily, but I am still in the progress of installing new, sliding doors inside the fridge box to shrink the amount of cooled space down to a manageable number. With the evaporator from the old Adler Barbour unit out of the way, our box measures in at a whopping 6.5 cubic feet which is more than twice as big as necessary for our purposes.

The new Engel unit was developed to cool an area of less than 3 cubic feet to 0 degrees. Since we are using it as a fridge and not a freezer, best estimates say that our new unit should maintain 40 degrees Fahrenheit with a one third to one half duty cycle in that same area foot print. My new sliding doors are a 2.5 inch, insulated construction that should have an R value almost as efficient as the panels used to make the original box. Since they are contained wholly within the existing insulated box, I’m not too worried if they aren’t perfect. In fact, a little spill over might be a good thing as the new, non-refrigerated  section might be usable as a holding area for veggies or sodas.

There are about a billion other projects that I’m working on at the same time and I hope to document them when we return to the boat next week. In the meantime, lobster season has started once again and the hunting has been good. Weather has only allowed me to get out twice since the opening, but both times I have reached my max bug count of 6 within 2 hours.

And speaking of sea life, yesterday Amy opened up the freezer to score one of our dwindling supply of Kit Kat’s, but she was unaware of our newly installed Freezer Monster Protection System (FMPS). A startled “Ahhhhhh!” was her response when she noticed several pair’s of eyes peering intently at her from inside a few Ziplocs. Ha, that’ll be the last time she tries to steal my candy bars.

More to follow, end of line …

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Dude, that looks like Chelsea Clinton in your freezer. I need to get high. Wanna get high?


Is that a fish or two inthere? Do whole fish freeze well? I would think their guts would go septic.


miloWeasel 8/8/2013 1:07:09 PM


   The fish have been gutted and scaled and their sharp fins have been snipped off to avoid puncturing the Ziploc baggies. I have kept small Lane Snappers such as these for over 6 months without issue.

   Thanks for the question.


Hey dude...

That's all fine and well about cutting off the fins on the Lane Snapper...  but what did you have to remove from Chelsea Clinton to keep her from getting septic?

Inquiring minds and all of that,

I'm not sure I get the Chelsea reference, but then you were always an Odd Thomas of sorts....


It wasn't Tom who made the initial Chelsea reference, it was Mondo Bud, who was probably stoned out of his one remaining, barely functioning brain cell and thought a package of frozen fish looked like Chelsea.  Yep, he is in touch with reality.

Next, he will probably think one of the weasels looks like Harry Reid.  Hold it, Reid is a weasel, in the bad sense.  Hmmmm, will have to think about that one.

Personally, I don't know why Mondo didn't think it was Hillary because Hillary is a lot colder than Chelsea plus Hilary would look a lot better with a bag over her head.

But then, again, trying to understand the molecular functions within one remaining, heavily damaged, stoned brain cell is, at best, pure speculation.  Personally, I think it just looks like frozen food in a plastic bag.  Smile  But that is the opinion of one sane, rational, normal, non doped up human.

your-sister-the-old-one 8/15/2013 5:32:22 AM

no matter how often we check in, it's good to see somethings never change.  Glad to hear you and Amy are still above the water ( and not unintentionally below it) .  I thought we might see one or both of you this summer?.  Tell her we say hey....Carsen is already planning her trip down to visit...God help us, and we're gearing up for school here.

Love Your avid readers, Tom......You Go, Ofis!

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