Long Time

Hey guys, sorry it’s been so long without an update. We moved back on board Dream Catcher about a week ago and life is finally settling back to normal.

Let’s see, when we last spoke we were still in the Bailey-house watching Mr. Kitty. Our last 10 days went by in a blur of boat projects and spear fishing. We had three really flat calm days in a row which led to great success out on the reef.

Speaking of the reef, I’ve never seen so many lobsters before. Literally every nook and cranny has at least one pair of antenna sticking out. There are so many of them that I am able to pick and choose which one’s I want to take home. I mean, you still have to shoot them, but it’s kind of like going to the grocery store and shooting your steak in the meat case. Easy pickins’…

Since then, the wind has returned and we are now in our 18th day in a row with winds out of the SE at speeds between 15 and 20 knots. All that wind may not allow for fishing in the offshore waters, but it’s doing a great job of keeping it cool and livable on the boat.

In other news, I got our new fridge online and running. For two hours anyway. That’s right, after two hours the unit is no longer getting cold. There is obviously a freon problem, but the unit comes pre-charged and there is no access port for me to use to add some, so I suspect it needs to go back to the manufacturer in Florida. Shitty death!

So far I’m sort of getting the run around with the people at Engel. I hope they can get their ducks in a row, because I’d hate to have to add them to the Hall of Shame. I’ve always had great luck (until now) with their products, but this is the first time I’ve had to use customer service and so far it sucks the big one. I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

This past Sunday we had our first multi-megabrella gathering on the beach at Chat n Chill. I think we had twelve people hiding in the shade at one point. Everything worked as expected, but we decided I need to extend the leashes on our sand stakes that hold our side flaps out. The current ones are only 3 feet in length and as such the angle of the stake entering the sand is too severe to provide eliable holding. My bad...

Amy is enjoying life back on board and she has gotten into her yoga and kayaking thing in the morning. During the day we hide out under the shades on Dream Catcher and usually go for a swim in the afternoon. Dinner is usually after 7 pm to allow the sun time to drop down. Because the day time high is 90, we aren’t using our stove inside the boat, rather every cooked meal has been something off the grill.

So far the hurricane’s have been quiet in this part of the world, but September is usually the busy season for us, so I guess we’ll see. Next week we do another 2 weeks of house/dog sitting for some friends of ours over on the main island and hopefully by the time we get back it the weather will allow us to do some sailing.

That’s about it, more to follow, end of line …

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I was wondering if the boat still moves or had it turned into part of the coral reef?  Smile  Looking forward to reading about the boat moving.  It sounds like you guys are having fun and it is nice to see the weasels again.  Fun read, thanks for posting.

saw on the news today this is the quietest hurricane season in history so far
hope your good luck holds out.

with 15-20 mile winds, your KISS must really be supplying power

your-sister-the-old-one 8/25/2013 11:10:12 AM

Updates are appreciated.... otherwise, Mom and Dad wait for coast guard calls.  Will you be up at all before the end of the year?

We're headed to our beach is Sept.  School is underway, and life is good, albeit, not in the tropics.  Jeremy's driving hasn't injured person or vehicle, and both schools took the children even AFTER they heard our last name. We miss you guys...call or visit if you get the chance.  kiss, kiss      

Tom Bozo,

   We miss you guys already. Thanks for the times on the beach we really enjoyed it. if you get back up to virginia you,Amy and the tribe have a bed. good luck in your travels!


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