Illegal Aliens

So almost two months have passed since our last update. Allow me to assure my dear readers that we are not in fact, dead, arrested, ship wrecked or otherwise damaged in any way, shape or form.

We've been keeping the updates on hold while we navigated through about a metric shit-ton of Bahamian immigration red tape. I had reason to believe that the local immigration administrator may have been monitoring our blog for insights into the local cruising psyche and so until I got my new passport back from the U.S. Embassy in Nassau, we had to go dark.

Now that we have all the right stamps, forms, voodoo dolls and personal blessings from the necessary, self important officials that make up our somewhat corrupt and definitely inept local island government, we can once again resume our regularly scheduled blogging activities. I have a number of updates to post, so please check back regularly and I’ll bring you up to speed on life aboard Dream Catcher.

Oh yeah, I want to say thanks for the two hundred and forty four emails we got requesting an update on our status. I guess maybe more than one person is reading along after all. Kick ass ! More to follow, end of line …

PS – Georgetown-bound cruisers may want to consider checking in and filing for immigration extensions somewhere other than in Georgetown proper. Long Island has a couple of options as does, Cat Island, Nassau, Mayaguana, Bimini, Freeport and several more in the Abacos. If you do need immigrations services on Great Exuma, consider renting a car and heading out to the airport. Just my two cents worth….

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Yay! You haven't been eaten by the weasels! We were worried.

I second that. Welcome back bozo!

Ok, I'll ask, how'd you get that picture?


   A friend of ours took us up one day in his small, single engine plane and the wifeUnit, Amy shot the pictures looking out the side from the back seat.


Big Anthony 9/3/2014 6:55:48 PM

Thank the Christian Jesus you're still out there.  I started reading your blog back a few months ago, just got caught up, and you stop posting!!!  

Good to hear all is well.
Continue on.  

Big Anthony

Architect Delux 9/4/2014 1:00:43 PM

Hooray! An update!  Maybe next time you're going to drop off the face of the earth you can give your loyal readers a code word or something as a warning.  Glad you're back!

Bruce Ellen 9/5/2014 2:20:38 AM

Have been following you for some time [ 2nd / 3rd generation weasels ]
Good to see you back.
You had me stumped as your boat did not showing up on AIS like it used too.
It is still not showing.
Is this another reason from some self important offical for you to continue to go dark.
Are you on board or still house sitting.

Cheers from sunny Queensland

Can I ask a question that might be a little sensitive? Do you ever see any black cruisers? I've been following the chats, blogs and channels for almost a year and I've yet to find a story about black cruisers. Do they exist? Thanks.


   In all our time cruising, I've seen and met only one black cruising couple. I have no idea how to explain the lack of cruisers that are not white and it sort of boggles my mind why there aren't more, but in any case, I can confirm they exist and for the record, there are no sensitive questions on this blog. Ask away my friend.


your -sister-the-old-one 9/27/2014 5:34:34 PM

Glad to see you are still among the floating...always a question...

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