Sadly, our Bahamian friend Latovia was found dead Sunday morning in her house. Her passing was completely unexpected and has left us all in shock. The circumstances around her passing are somewhat clouded and we’re all waiting on an official word from the medical examiners office in Nassau as to exactly why we lost our friend.

Of course, nothing they say is going to bring her back and in the end, we’re all left here without her. All we can do now is help her three children and her remaining family pick up the pieces and move on.

Amy and I have years of memories with her, her husband Vincent and the three kids, but if I had to pick one that was indicative of how sweet a person she was, it would be from the world cup held just last year.

As we watched our U.S. team play Belgium with a crowd of sixty or seventy, decidedly pro-American fans,  Tovi, feeling sorry that no one was cheering for Belgium, declared to the entire crowd that she would be the sole voice of support for the “Belginans”.

She was truly a one of kind woman; a dedicated mother; a good wife and a great friend. If they have internet in the here-after Tovi, know we all miss you. You weren’t here nearly long enough.

More to follow, end of line …

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Bozo, we heard about Tovi's passing. We knew her from staying at the resort and we really liked her. Such a young and vibrant woman should have never been taken so young. Our thoughts are with you.

Sorry to hear about this. God bless her.

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