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The days continue to slide by and I’m keeping busy fixing and maintaining the boat while Amy slowly suffocates underneath a deluge of recent writing jobs. Actually, she acquired a new client last week (against my better judgment) and they are still trying to find a balance on how much work is too much to offload to their new “Bahamian” branch office.

Despite the intermittent rain this morning, my volleyball guys got together to play. The first three games were played in a constant drizzle, but that soon ended and within an hour the sun was peeking through the clouds. We had five players this morning as Super G and Miss Julie returned to the harbour last evening. The games were good, but tiring. By 11 am we were worn out and called it a day.

While we were playing Miss Julie and Amy scheduled a lunch outing at Eddie’s Edgewater. I got cleaned up from ball and then we loaded into the skiff and headed to town. On our way to lunch we dropped of a bag of trash. For those interested, it costs $2 per bag to dispose of garbage here in G’Town.

We hooked up with Miss Julie and Super G and got a table for four in the dining area. Then we waited. And waited. And waited. And then I finally snapped and went to look for a beer.

I don’t know why I’m surprised as the service at Eddie’s has always sucked, but today’s performance set an all-time low. Don’t get me wrong, the food (when it finally showed) was fine and the beer was cold and the owner, June, is a nice person, but when I’m spending my entertainment dollar, I expect competent service. A thirty minute wait for the waitress to come visit our table for the first time is not acceptable. Call me a snob, but there you have it.

Lunch took two and a half hours, but we had good company (and cold beer – as long as I went and got it), so it was enjoyable outing, but I’m only going to give Eddie’s one star out of five for the seriously underwhelming service staff. No gold star for you.

Anyhow, we paid our bill and said good-bye to the Sequel-ites (George and Julie) and then headed into the grocery for a couple of supplies. Once the shopping was done, we loaded into the skiff and returned home.

There is a lot of nasty weather forecast for the next several days, so I wasn’t surprised to see 15 boats anchored around us back in the Litter Box. All but two of them were catamarans and we know all of the boats personally, so I suspect everyone will be safe and sound despite the closeness of some of the anchored boats.

Starting after midnight, we are supposed to see west winds at 20 to 30 knots sustained with gusts and squalls to 40. With high winds on the way, we pulled Amy’s kayak our of the water and put it on deck and we also made sure everything was securely tied down.

Dinner was grilled steak cheesies with grilled onions and peppers. They were good and there were no leftovers.

Post dinner BodhiWeasel and I watched Left Behind with Nick Cage and it sucked pretty badly. Amy read a book with SattvaWeasel and the entire crew turned in around 9 pm.

More to follow, end of line …

P.S. – Today’s picture is of Super G and Miss Julie making their lunch selections from apparently the only menu available at Eddie’s.

P.S.S. – If you are reading this BEOTCH, in the interest of being fair and balanced, I had intended to fill up our four, five gallon water jugs before returning from lunch, but the line was 12 dinghies deep with an estimated wait time of forty minutes and so we came home without any water. Score one for the water maker.

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It is good to see your website back up and working!  It looks great!!!!


Thanks Dale, I appreciate it.


Bruce Ellen 2/11/2015 4:21:10 AM

How many times do Ihave to ask.
You used to have AIS show up your position but it has not been there of late.
Is there a problem.
Cheers from sunny Queensland


   Not sure what AIS you have been watching , but I've never had AIS on baord. Sorry.


An AIS Stalker!!!!  Smile

I have been following you on
www.marine trafic com
Live Ships Map - AIS - vessel traffic and positions
At present it shows 13 boats in th area including 2 that have been there for some time
Five and Dime and Second Chance next to Stocking Island
Was there another boat named Dream Catcher there last year or are you just not letting me know where the fish are.Honest Dream Catcher did show up.
Cheers from sunny Queensland

Bruce, there are currently 4 dreamcatchers in the harbour, so maybe it's one of them. I'll gladly share my fishing spots if you sail on over.


Tom, you show the date on the posting that seems to be several days earlier than the actual posting date. are you guys on EST-3 days?



   I typically write the blog the day of the event and then end up publishing it a few days later after I've made sure it doesn't sound like it was written by a half-wit moron in the middle of a three day bender.

   No offense to any mentally challenged persons or chronic alcoholics whom might be reading along; it's just an expression...


dude, Super G looks just like my dealer. wann get high?


your-sister/sister-in-law-the-old-one 2/25/2015 6:08:51 PM

glad to have found you again...we thought you had sunk

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