Touron Particles – Part 2

It’s that time of year and true to form, the influx of Touron Plague Vectors (tourist plague carriers) from the pasty white North Americans fleeing the cold, wintery tundra has resulted in a sudden, explosive bloom of evil, cold flu particles that are ravaging  the native inhabitants. 

Once again, the crew of Dream Catcher is completely laid low with sniffles, sneezes and coughs. I hate you Tourons, I hate you so much.

Even the weasels, who are very susceptible to human based illnesses, are keeping to their hammock, struck low by the black tide of Touron death plague. Trust me when I tell you, nothing is quite as pathetically heart-breaking as listening to a weasel sniffle and sneeze for twelve hours.

With the crew mostly stuck on board, not too much has been happening of late. Amy is trying to keep to her daily yoga/writing ritual, while I struggle to find the energy to finish a couple of sewing projects I have taken on and maintain the state of the mother ship.

Today I ventured into town to get water and propane only to be thwarted by Propane Dude and his piece of sh@t truck. Apparently, they were almost to town when it broke down, so no propane today. As soon as I feel better I’ll head up to the power station and just have them fill the stupid tank instead. 

For the record, I hate the Propane Dude too.

In other news, Regatta (cruiser’s version) starts tomorrow, just in time for the winds of death that are forecast to begin around noon and continue for the next four days.

For what it’s worth, I think God might be against Regatta. As an aside, He might also be against the cruiser run beach church that meets on Sunday mornings as it has stormed and rained every Sunday for the last seven weeks. 

Take that you Christian fan boys! Just kidding. Sort of.

Several of our friends have recently left the harbour to begin their return trip back to the states. We peaked at about 380 boats this season, but the northern migration has definitely begun.

Our plans are to remain here until the Family Island Regatta and then resume our travels out island, but remember, as always, our plans remain in a constant state of flux.

More to follow, end of line ….

P.S. – Today’s pictures are of two of the last three day's sunset. Quite pretty if a little unsettling.

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Why "unsettling" ? I thought a red sky at night was a sailors delight or isn't it a delight ? Explain please.
We LOVE your new look too!
Kerry & Tracy

Tom, it would be a good test to see if God is involved at all in the cruisers beach church if you went to one of the services and recorded what happened. If it only rained, so what, but if lightening occured then that should be some kind of proof. Hopefully there would be no collateral damage that would decrease the innocent worshipper population.


   The only time I have attended beach church a large, Bahamian python dropped down out of a Casaurina tree and into the choir.
   I laughed and laughed which for some reason several of the attendees felt was inappropriate, but I took it as a sure sign that He has a pretty funny sense of humor.


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