F.T.S.– (Frozen Tundra Syndrome)

It’s been a widely known, scientifically proven fact that long term exposure to cold does weird things to your mind. In depth research has shown that it some laboratory situations, it has even caused pregnancy amongst test rats.

I only mention this because I fear that my exposure levels may be rapidly reaching the instability threshold and the only thing that can stave off that long, dark descent into madness is a return to our tropical floating home.

See evidence, side right. More to follow, end of line….

P.S. – Not only did I ride Mr. Triceratops, I rode him on a trampoline! In your face X-Game weenies.

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Dude! You totally made that dinosaur your bitch ! Righteous.

robert caudle 2/19/2016 12:00:03 PM

You look like me, hoodie and shorts.......except I wear flip flops

Lab rats are OK... in a pinch

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