Back Online

Ok, so I know I’ve been radio dark for a little while. There are a multitude of reasons, none of which I am prepared to delve into now, but suffice it to say Amy and I are in fact alive and well and currently back with our vessel.

Now that I’ve decided to break the communications blackout, I have a number of back logs that I will begin to roll out over the next several days and weeks that will bring you up to speed on our winter journey back home.

Now that we are back with the boat, hopefully I will be updating our site three or four times a week moving forward, but of course as always, I make no promises and your mileage may vary and sometimes, not often, but sometimes, this blog has been known to cause pregnancy in laboratory animals.

You've been warned, but thanks for hanging in there and be prepared for a metric sh@t ton (that is a scientific measurement) of updates. 

We now resume your regularly scheduled blogging entertainment already in progress. 

Party on Wayne, party on Garth. More to follow, end of line ….

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Hey guys! Welcome back. We were worried. Let us know how things are.


Great to hear from you.  I've been tuning in since the Morgan OI41 and truck-driving days.   This may have been your longest break...

Great to have you backj. We thought you were dead or something. Lets get back to the postings!

Great to have you backj. We thought you were dead or something. Lets get back to the postings!

Welcome back!  But, getting out so soon must mean that you got yourself expelled from the Betty For...  Oops, almost let the cat out of the bag!  Errrrrr... never mind.  See you soon @ buddy Freds?

Bruce Ellen 5/16/2016 3:13:06 AM

Your alive.
How about you fire up an AIS beacon for the boat or just ware it when your not.
That way we know will not be held in suspense for months
Cheers from sunny Queensland

Is this an older ferret pic, or do we have a new kit onboard?

Hey Wally,

I think that you scooped us all.  That looks like a new picture to me... but, since they flew back to the Bahamas, I don't see them getting a ferret past the efficient Bahamian customs officers so I'm at a loss...  I guess we'll have to wait on Tom's update.


After not seeing anymore updates in the last few weeks I finally looked up the "metric sh@t ton" quantity and it's obvious that Tom didn't use the urban dictionary use of that term but the very rarely used George Sweig (1964) version pertaining to subatomic particles generally and Quarks in particular...

dude your alive! nice! i just got out after doing the short nickel for holding and you know what, they dont have internet in county. how f@cked is that? now i got 6 months of piss testing once a week and i need to get high. wanna get high?


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