The Following are a collection of links to some other cruising related web sites we frequent. The sites these links point to our point to are not maintained by us, but we try to ensure that they are not broken.

   2Gringos - Some new cruisers finishing their boat rehab and getting ready to head out.   

   Marine Weather Center - Chris Parker, the weather dude used by everyone in our part of the world.

   Georgetown Cruising Regatta - Site with news and info from the yearly cruiser's regatta

   Beotch's New SiteOur friend Beotch's (Frank) new site in which he rebuilds yet another boat

   Necesse - A nice couple with kids we met while cruising

   Bumfuzzle - One of our inspirations when we were getting started

   Cruising Forum - Open discussions about all things cruising

   Cruiser Logs - Good site for cruising blog listings

   Cruiser News - Another cruising blog repository

   Cruising World Magazine - The magazine we all read before we started cruising

   Fat Chance - Our friend Frank's continuing boat blog

   PDQ Owners Forum - All things PDQ

   Speedo Ed - One of our original cruising friends

   Dr. Steve (Stalker #2) - Steve and Kathleen on Uliad

   Cruising with Prudence - Doug and Sheryl, the original internet stalkers

   Around the World with Barefeet - Chris and Erin on a PDQ44

   Hurricane Weather Center - Keeping an eye on the tropical weather

   Missing Link - New cruisers heading south