Enemy of the State

   Yeah, ok, I know I said I’d update a bunch and I do have a lot of stored content both from our time home over the winter as well as the last 6 weeks that we’ve been back in the Bahamas, but it has come to my attention that certain ass-clown politicos in our current locale may be monitoring my website looking for a chance to mess with our immigration status here. As we are committed to being relatively stationary until October, I am very reluctant to discuss day to day happenings or what and where we might be at any given time, lest it be used against me.

   For whatever reason the soon to be out of power, current political regime has it in it’s mind that foreigners are bad, which I guess is their prerogative, but in a country that relies on tourism for 92% of their gross domestic product, it’s seems pretty stupid from a financial viability point of view; but there you have it.

  I am continuing our logs and once we escape from the evil powers that be I will be putting them up on the site, but until then, expect contact to be somewhat Spartan at best. More to follow, end of line….


P.S. – I leave you with a stylized photo of the legend Bob that the AmyUnit took while playing with the advanced settings on her new camera.

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in the immortal words of cube, f#ck f#ck f#ck da police! wanna get high?


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