A Girl and Her Camera

In other changes aboard Dream Catcher, Bozo bought me a camera almost a year ago! It’s a pretty nice one and I’m now fully versed in its manual functions. Surprisingly, wandering around at dawn to find the “good light” is actually something this sleep-in-whenever-possible girl actually likes to do. As is taking picture of bugs (see photo). Bozo remains shocked by these developments.

I’m sure I’ll get into all-things-camera eventually, but I’m not going to detail my kit right now. I just wanted to share the good news that we a) have lots of photos; and b) have a means for me to contribute more frequently to the blog.

Sometimes Bozo loses inspiration on how to dress up our lives to sound interesting (it’s a tough job). I said a while back that I would write more here to help out. But then my freelance writing business picked up substantially, and frankly writing for the blog after writing tech blogs and political hackery doesn’t usually happen. 

(Okay, it basically never happens.)

But with photography taking over as my main hobby / form of relaxation (in addition to worming my way through every book possible), I can get you image-heavy, text-light (or Bozo-text) entries and actually enjoy it.

I’m reasonably confident that I will really do this as I have been faithfully posting to Instagram for many months now. Feel free to follow @sailingwicky there if you’d like to see my near-daily output. It varies from macros (close-ups) to wide-angle sunrises over the water to kitty-on-operating-table—so take what I give you and like it ;)

We’re also considering a slight overhaul to the website design (when we get to it) to make the log pages more photo-focused. Hopefully that will mean you guys can get the travel porn you’ve been hoping for, in addition to Bozo’s humorous rants.

See, we didn’t forget about your needs all this time.

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Wow, details on how you got that shot. It's amazing!

Ok, now that your back onlnine, when are we gonna here from the bozo again? Keep bringing the updates AmyUnit . Carry on.

It's good to see that you are back online!  I was a little worried!  We finally got another catamaran and will head from West Palm Beach to Marsh Harbor at the end of the month!  Maybe we will run into you guys on the way!  I am still doing the corporate thing for another year or two, but MokaKat will be in the Bahamas, ready to go!  

Hey Tom and Amy good to see you back on the interwebs. We are crossing from the Canarys to VI and then cioming you way. See you in March I think.


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