Sand in the Suit

We awoke this morning with every intention of getting some boat chores done. We were mildly successful. I washed all of the windows to remove the half inch thick salt crust that has formed over the last 4 months.

Amy went to Hamburger Beach this morning for beach yoga. Maggie and I don't see the appeal of getting sand in our swim suits/fur, and consequently we stayed onboard the mother ship.

While she was gone, Maggie and I made another loaf of bread and worked on our Logbook application. When Amy returned, we had a light lunch of hotdogs on the grill and then went into beach soccer on Volleyball Beach.

Actually, I played soccer while Amy read a book. On the soccer front, it was Big People versus Little People and the little people beat us 5 - 4.

Afterwards, we both participated in the action on the fun volleyball court with the Geriatric group. It was fun, but it's losing its appeal.

I think we are going to leave George Town this weekend and spend a week or two in some of the less inhabited areas. We will be back here at the beginning of February to pick up Kris from New York.

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